Molecule-R Gastronomy


Molecule-R  gastronomy refers to a modern style of cooking, which takes advantage of innovations from the scientific discipline.

We sell everything that both the curious chef and regular foodie need, to try their hand at molecular gastronomy and impress friends, family and customers, be it additives, specialized tools or recipes.

As long as you are interested in molecular gastronomy, and are able to do a few basic things such as boiling water and using a hand blender, you shouldn’t be afraid to give our products a try.

They’re safe, user friendly, and tons of fun to use. Molecule-R dishes are safe, and as for the chemicals you heard about, the truth is, they have been a part of our food and culinary traditions for centuries now, as every time you cook something, you use chemistry.

Molecule-R Gastronomy is just taking the chemistry of cooking a step further, mostly to play with textures, looks and taste. What’s more, all our additives are natural.

Molecule-R Gastronomy comes in many different style and size of kits. The kits contain all of the additives and tools you require to create and experiment with. Refills are available in sachet forms, at this stage.

Molecule-R cannot guarantee that any of our additives is allergen free.

Click on images below watch clips of Molecule-R Gastronomy Kits in action!

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